Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Day in a life of Riley Grace

Riley Grace will be 8 months on Saturday. We have enjoyed every moment and can't believe how fast it goes by.

A typical day for Riley Grace is a follows:

6:30am Wakes
7:30-8am Drinks her bottle #1
8:30am Breakfast with Daddy around (She loves yogurt, bananas,
mango's & tolerates rice cereal)
9:30am Naps (sometimes for 1.5hrs, sometimes for .5hrs)
11:00am Bottle #2
12noon Lunch with the office crew (Mommy, Daddy, Missy and sometimes Mandy!)
1:00pm Play time
2:00pm Another nap (usually 1.5hrs)
3:00pm Bottle #3
3:30pm Play time and usually a walk with her dog Rocky
5:00pm A little cat nap and a visit to the neighbors
6:00pm Bottle #4 and maybe a little dinner of sweet potatoes, peas or avocados
6:30pm Play time or Story time (SHE LOVES BOOKS)
7-7:30pm Bottle #5 and Bed Time
10:30pm Bottle #6 (Daddy stays up every night to give her her last bottle and say good night)

Riley is a great sleeper, we lay her in her crib and she will play for a bit and puts herself to sleep. She sleeps Through the night unless her little piggy's get cold and always wakes happy. She is the most amazing baby. I can't say it enough. We feel so blessed to have her in our life.