Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This week we are making big exciting (sometimes stressful) strides!

The pool fence will be installed on Thursday (Rockey and Louie will not be happy ):

I have given blood and other samples more times in the last week than I care to give. For those of you that know me (and this is where the stress comes in), you know that needles and doctors are not my thing - I have avoided them for a very long time...longer than I care to admit. But for this particular project - avoidance was defiantly not an option. Between my physical (that I worried myself almost sick over - but passed with flying colors!) and life insurance requirements I saw more doctors, needles, scales ): and vials then I have probably seen in my entire life.

Today, I count my blessing and thank god for all he has provided me and especially my health, my husband and His grace.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Girl

So grandma Bublitz along with the rest of us are so ready to shop. A bit early for the real shopping but she cheated just a little this past week. This is your first official and adorable little outfit! Pink, Sweet and oh so cute!!!

You're a lucky girl!

To our little princess (even though you are not born yet) this is the "Bublitz" side of your family, and can I just say...your are one lucky girl!

FFV 2008 was a great time. You were discussed at length and already soooo loved. Dave and I can't wait to add our little "peanut" to the family vacations!

On this particular day we visit the Grand Canyon. Drove from one side to the other - even packed a picnic lunch and picniced along the way.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Because We Had Room at Our Table

Our decision to adopt can be described simply: Because we had room at our table. We have been so blessed with more than we need. God has provided us with an abundance of resources, of love, and of family and friends. We have so much to share with you little Shania. Your chair is waiting.

Fudgie Family in Flagstaff

The whole family is in Flagstaff on our annual Fudgie Family vacation. We have thought about you and talked about you a whole bunch Shania. The girls even did some shopping for you and we had your very first baby shower. There are seven Fudgies that love you and can't wait to meet you.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Off in the distance

This weekend while driving back from Tucson - the journey to our little girl became a much more real prospect.

Don't get me wrong...The decision to adopt is real...our faith and hope are real...But the once seemingly high and dauntingly steep mountains of paperwork and requirements is becoming a vague and distant paper trail behind us. Today...I feel like we are at the top of one of the many mountains along our journey, looking down. Every once in awhile off in the distance I can see our little girl, our new life together and gods endless miracles.

We have completed 3 out of 4 of our required home visits, lots of paperwork and well on our way to Shania.

As I stand at the top of this mountain today and celebrate a small victory - I have to acknowledge the man I love. Dave has endured, he has perseveered, he has tolerated and he has been my rock.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

One Amazing Coincidence

We are preparing for our first two home study interviews this weekend. To speed things up a bit we chose to drive down to Tucson and meet with our social worker Saturday night and Sunday morning. Since Tucson is a two hour drive we thought it would be a good idea to get a room for Saturday night. We were considering our options and their effect on our budget when we received an unexpected email from a vendor. "Do you guys ever get to Tucson" was her question. She wrote that she was dropping in the mail a certificate for one night at the Westin La Paloma plus a voucher for $150 to spend on food and drink. She does not know about the adoption and would have no way of knowing that we were going to Tucson this weekend. This is one amazing coincidence.

The more I have thought about it I wonder if it is a coincidence at all. I can choose to believe that this is a random act, but I do believe it is something more. Now I'm not saying that I think that God sent us a certificate to stay at the Westin, but I'm certainly not saying that He couldn't. If the God that created the earth and everything in it including me and you wanted us to stay at the Westin don't you think He could make that happen?

At the very least this is an amazing reminder that our God, the King, the mighty and merciful Creator loves us and cares for us.

Matthew 6:25

Friday, September 5, 2008

Department of State

Yesterday we received our wedding certificate back from the PROC (Chinese Consulate) This one traveled from Wyoming to AZ, Back to Wyoming, Back to AZ, onto The Department of State in Washington, D.C., back to AZ then back to the Chinese Consulate and all in one piece! Express mail...the only way to travel.

As I was scanning my last set of (out-of-state) documents,
I realized that one of my favorite people in Washington - signed our doc...check out the signature.

Condoleezza Rice...just thought that was kind of cool. I have always liked her!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another doc authenticated and certified

Yeah! Another document checked off the list. Today I received by birth certificate back from Chinese Consulate - My BC was the first to go and and has taken quite sometime to pass thru the Secretary of State and then onto the PROC and then back to us. Another one done...Yeah...I celebrate very small things like this on a daily basis.

Oh and a big weekend for us - We have HS visit #2 and #3 down in tucson. Together interview on Saturday and individual interviews on Sunday. Our SW (social worker) said each visit would only take about an hour. Hmmm....she doesn't know my shmoopie! I bet he has a list of question for her (:

Working on pool fence quotes, Life Ins, Medical Ins and what else. Busy week for the Bublitz!