Monday, June 30, 2008

Adoption Decision

We are adopting a little girl from China. For now we call her Shania.

Over the past few weeks I have tried to rewind my brain tape to figure out where Sheri and I decided to pursue an adoption. No luck. I just can't come up with the moment when the decision was made. I do know that there was a time just a few weeks ago when adoption, or even parenting, seemed like a foreign concept reserved for others much more patient and gifted than me. Today it makes complete sense that we are adopting. It's a no brainer.

The journey has officially began

Today is the beginning of a brand new adventure in our lives. We made the first official steps towards adoption. We filled out and signed all the AWAA agreements and placed them in the mail yesterday. We payed our initial program fee. Now the "NO OFF" paper chase begins.
We have lots to do and the clock is tick...tick...ticking.

The wait time is going out as far as 32-40 months and not getting any shorter so the quicker we get our dossier in the better! AWAA should assign us a "Family Coordinator" this week, we have to take 10 hours of parenting classes thru the a government agency and then paperwork, licenses, passports, fingerprints - all sorts of stuff will be required.

The time seems daunting (that is the word they use - it seems fitting) I know... but we have lots to do in the meantime. Dave and I have vowed to trust in god and remember that he is control of all things - we plan to embrace these last months together as a family of 2 and in gods good timing add a little blessing (heck we have waited this long...right?)- realizing that soon - sooner than we think our time alone as 2 will be gone. WOW! that is crazy.

Back in the office today after vaca - I am ready plus it is a short week...YEAH! Oh and Dave and I will celebrate our 11th Anniversary on Friday - guaranteed fireworks every year!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A week in HB and all is well

WOW! What a great place to visit, relax, have fun and enjoy. Another year...another week at the is so very good.

For those that have never been to Huntington Beach, CA - it is a must if you love CA beaches. Not to crowded (the week we go) not to plastic (as Dave would say) perfect for relaxing fun for the whole family! We just love it. Thanks to the Brewers for finding such a great spot!

While we were away enjoying the sun, surf and sand we received a congratulations message from AWAA. We have been approved to proceed forward with our adoption. YEAH! They have sent us our first packet and we are moving forward.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Where I am today...

Today is Friday - we are wrapping up the office to leave on vacation for a week! Our annual trip to HB with our good friends the "Brewers"

We have filled our our adoption application with American World Adoption. They have contacted us with a preliminary phone call and asked a couple of clarifying questions. We should hear from them again soon.

Our initial decision was to adopt from China. But of coarse in my obsessive ways I have surfed the net, read a hundred stories and am feeling a bit confused now. The China process is taking 30-32 months. That does not include the time it takes to put the paperwork together. Lets face it friends...I am not 20 anymore...wait...I am not 30 anymore...yikes.

Still feeling anxious, excited and now confused - A good time for a week on the beach with our good friends and my shmoopie!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

In the first days

God has blessed Dave and I in so many ways and continues to do so. We will celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary on July 4th...always fireworks (: Dave is my strength, my best friend, my patients, my godly example...the list continues on.

In just the last couple of weeks we have decided to adopt a child- most likely international! That is about as far as we are in the process. It is exciting, confusing, emotional, and a great opportunity for me to trust in god.

I started this blog today for several reason...

I wanted to have a journal from our first days thru the end of this glorious opportunity.

A place for our family and friends to follow along with us on our journey

And possibly a place for strangers to receive hope, answers, and understanding of the adoption process