Friday, January 21, 2011

Mirror to my soul (heart)

I’ve found nothing more challenging, nothing more rewarding, and nothing more enlightening than being a mommy. Parenting has it all. As a mother of an 18 month old, I have witnessed the miracle of adoption, woken up many a nights to soothe a crying baby girl and have received some of the best BIG squeezes and kisses ever. One of the things I’ve learned, more than anything else, is that my child is an amazing mirror. Her ever growing personality has the ability to expose my unforeseen lows as well as push me to new heights of unconditional LOVE. The kind of LOVE I never knew existed.

Her attitude matches my attitude, her responses reflect mine, her tone matches mine and now even some of her mannerisms mimic me...ughhh! Endearing at times yes, but not always. Her honest, no holds barred voice in my life has brought me great insight.

I have come to realize that my little girl sees me for me. Yikes!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reason #8 why I LOVE being a mom

I know it's a little lame but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to get my little pumpkin dressed to go out for the day. I think she is beginning to like her "pretties" as well. I get to play dress up every day! I am one lucky mommy.