Monday, May 23, 2011

Reason #10 why I LOVE being a mom

I have been a bit sentimental these past few weeks as it seems God just continues to bless our family and friends with baby's both naturally and through adoption. It is a wonderful reminder of how special these little miracles are and how incredibly lucky I am to have the opportunity to parent the most amazing child on this planet.

Here's her latest stats:

-Sleeps about 11-11.5 hours at night (7:30pm - 7:00am)
-Eats about 5 small meals a day.
-Talks in sentences and over uses the word "NO" we are working on No thank you.
-Can count to 20 and can count up to about 5 items correctly
-She knows her ABC's and recognized all the letters. We are working on sounds now.
-Her favorite toy is her ABC puzzle (she will dump and build 10plus times a day)
-Loves music, sings songs and Loves the big endings.
-She met her new cousin Dylann Marie this week and is not sure what to think of her
when she cries.
-Like trains and enjoys watching Thomas the Train
-Likes watching Toy Story I and II (Who doesn't)
-She still loves pop pops (popsicles) but her favorite food right now is peas
-Park days and playdates with her friend Ala top her week.
-Loves any Elmo music video but has never seen Sesame Street
-Still Loves her hippo - sleeps with hippo, dolly,pig pig and a blanky
-Yep she also knows the throw herself-rolls around on the floor trick (only if its soft)and apparently I am learning that she saves most of these fits for me(:
-Almost forgot her BFF...Rocky Dog

Riley Grace is fastly approaching the 2-year mark (22months)and though some days I would like to slow it down, I love seeing my baby girl grow into a smart, beautiful and confident little toddler. I am amazed how much more we fall in LOVE with her each and everyday.

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  1. I haven't seen pictures in a long time. She's definitely growing up. Such a beautiful daughter, Sheri. Continued blessings.