Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adoption Update

Hi everyone

We have not posted an update in a while - and Dave said that our blog is looking a bit promotional. Today - I have updates on our HS that I would like to share.

This am - I awoke at the crack of dawn and can I tell you - there is nothing more beautiful than an Arizona sunrise on a cold December day (cold being relevant - I know) I did just looked and it is currently 37 degrees - very cold by AZ standards.

We spoke with our SW (social worker) yesterday - she is working on the final stages of our HS (home study) and we should see a rough draft today or tomorrow. Once we see a copy - we are required to go through it and check dates, names, numbers etc. Then back to SW for final draft - from there it goes to VA where our FC (family coordinator) and her boss from AWAA review and approve it!

Once everyone signs off on our HS - we are ready to submit to the courts (AZ reguires all HS to go through the juvenile courts) where a judge must approve that we are worthy to adopt! Crazy - huh? All these processes are in place to protect these little helpless babies - but what is the turn over value for us?

I know I have said this before - but the entire HS process has been an incredible journey. It has forced us to look deep into our souls. It has forced us to reminess about the amazing life we have been given (thanks - mom's and dad's). It has forced us to open up our hearts to each other and others more than ever before. It has also forced us to be humble and have a bit more humility. I believe this process has strenghten us as individuals and as parents to be.

I want to thank all our family friends for their kind words of encouragement and support.


  1. holy cats! was it really 37?! the heat finally kicked on in the house -so I know it must've been cold out there! :)

    so excited that your HS is nearly done. that's the first big hurdle. :)


  2. Hi Sheri!
    I agree. When we were putting together our 'autobiographies,' it really opened up some conversation between hubby and I. We got to know each other even more and we'd been married at the time for about 10 years! It's crazy all the steps to the process isn't it? It sure made my head spin. If only everyone knew what it was like.
    Merry Christmas to you all!

  3. That sunrise is beautiful! I'm so excited for you guys. Come on Home Study!!

  4. Hi there....I want to get two charms and I am having a terrible time setting up an Etsy there any other way I can pay you?


  5. SUCh a good thing to have behind you. Since Mark was abandoned more than once as a child our adoption papework took so long for that reason. It was hard for him to put all of that down on paper and work through all those feelings again..BUT, wow, what a blessing Hudson is to him and it was all so worth it.