Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Day WIth Lots of Good News

Today was a big day...

Medical news is all good: All signs are that the duct in her little heart has closed, results of the brain scan are normal. Riley Grace is resting well and eating and gaining weight. We cheered for her first poop today. Subsequent poops were met with some enthusiasm.

Feedings are going like clockwork around the clock every three hours. She started out eating 4cc's per meal and tonight she ate 8cc's. The plan is to do an additional 1cc every six hours, which is 4cc's more per day. So far she is eating like a champ. Riley's goal is 30cc's per feeding. Eat like the wind little one. Mommy and daddy are cheering you on!

Riley Grace has moved! Every seven days the babies get new condos. This sweet little pad is stylishly decorated in pinks and browns just for her.

Today was spa day! Bath, shampoo, hairdo and a brand new outfit thanks to Grandma Carol

Lots of new blankets and clothes and little girlie things.

Goodnight little princess. We love you.


  1. Great news! Riley is changing so fast. She is so beautiful. Cute first outfit! Love the new pics.

  2. I love all the new pictures and the progress reports. I'm so happy for you both. She's just precious.

  3. So thrilled for you guys. I know you have waited a long time for your baby girl. She is precious and so glad she is doing well. I know you can't wait to get her home!

  4. Oh, she looks adorable and the news is soooo good! Hooray!! Keep it up Miss Riley and your amazing medical team and mommy and daddy, of'course.

  5. Congratulations Dave and Sheri! I am glad she is doing well and hope for you all to be home soon starting your lives together. What a blessing.

  6. PTL!!! For all the great news!!
    I love all the pictures! She is so beautiful!!!
    Before you know it she will be home in her
    own little crib.