Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Riley Grace Loves Her Auntie Erin

Erin is a nurse in the NICU. She and her fellow nurses have made our visit to the NICU a joy. They have an amazing capacity to do a demanding job and make it look easy. She has looked after every one of Riley's needs and does it with a big smile.

Erin has been assigned to Riley several days now and we have shared some big milestones together. She will be off for the next six days and Sheri, Riley and I will really miss her.

See you soon Auntie Erin.

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  1. Riley is so cute and looks very healthy! I was excited to see that her aunt is a NICU nurse! I am also a NICU nurse and I love my job! Our baby is 7 weeks old now and between working 2 nights a week and getting up all the other nights to feed her, I am pretty tired lately! It is all so worth it though! I know you can't wait to get little Riley home! ~Amber