Thursday, July 23, 2009

New IV spot

Riley Grace got a new IV location today... on the top of her pretty little head. No worries though, she is just as fiesty and stinkin cute as always.

After taking a day off she is back to feeding today. Eat and rest little peanut.


  1. Oh my. She's precious, but I really don't like that IV on her head. It's not quite the headgear this little princess deserves. Have a wonderful weekend with your sweetie.

  2. She looks more beautiful every day! Our daughter was hospitalized at 5 months and after IV's everywhere it finally ended up on the top of her head. The other kids still say "bubble head" when they see those pictures!

  3. I realize that that is a fine location for an IV, but I don't like it! :)

    her face is filling out -becoming more round -a good sign of a champion eater. :)

  4. Well isn't that an interesting new hat she's wearing :) I'm sure it will become a new trend...she's a trend setter already.
    What a cute peanut she is!
    Hugs, Harmony

  5. Riley looks all snuggly! Too cute!